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Calendar: July 2009

(The Center is closed June 15th - July 31st.
Weekly arati, Sunday talks, and Thursday classes are suspended until August 1st.)

Swami Atmarupananda's Visit to Dallas
(July 23 -26, 2009)

Date Spiritual Topic
Thursday, July 23rd: The Art of Living: a Vedanta Perspective
Swami Atmarupananda
6-6:30pm Reception
6:30-7:30pm Lecture
Crow Collection of Asian Art (directions below)
Fri, July 24th: Swami Vivekananda's Special Observance
(in honor of Swami Vivekananda's July 4th Mahasamadhi)
6-7pm Special Worship and Arati
7-8pm Swami Vivekananda's Legacy
8pm Potluck
(Vedanta Center)
Foundations of Spiritual Practice Retreat
Sat., July 25th: Foundations of Spiritual Practice-I
10-11:30am: Talk #1
12Noon-1pm Talk #2
1pm Potluck
7-8pm Informal Talk
8pm Potluck
(Vedanta Center)
Sun., July 26th: Foundations of Spiritual Practice-II
10-11:30am: Talk #3
12Noon-1pm Talk #4
1pm Potluck
7-8pm Informal Talk
8pm Potluck
(Vedanta Center)

All are welcome

NOTE: Crow Collection of Asian Art, 2010 Flora Street, Dallas, Texas 75201. Free for Friends of the Crow Collection and students. $15 for non-members. For reservations, call: 214-979-6438 or visit www.crowcollection.org.

NOTE: Swami Atmarupanandaís Spiritual Retreat is free of charge, however seating space is limited. Those interested in attending the retreat, please register by calling the Center at 972-252-4673 or email dfwvedanta@gmail.com.


Quote of the day
Here, within the body, in the pure mind, in the secret chamber of intelligence, in the infinite universe within the heart, the Atman shines in its captivating splendor, like a noonday sun. By its light, the universe is revealed.
- Adi Shankara

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Swami Ranganathananda, former Guest Swami


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