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Calendar: May 2009

ARATI (EVENING VESPERS): Monday–Saturday from 6-7pm, followed by a reading from the Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna or Swami Vivekananda’s Inspired Talks.

Saturday Visiting Hours: 4pm-8pm.

Sunday Visiting Hours: 10am-4pm
10:00-11:00am: Worship and Silent Meditation
11:00-12 Noon: Spiritual Topic
12 Noon-12:30pm: Arati and Flower Offering
12:30pm: Lunch

Date Spiritual Topic
Sun., May 3rd: Buddha Purnima Observance
10-11am Homa Ceremony
11-12Noon Mindfulness Meditation
Pravrajika Brahmaprana
12-12:30pm Arati and flower offering
12:30pm Lunch
Thurs., May 7th: Raja Yoga Study Circle
Sun., May 10th: Mother’s Day Feeding of the Homeless
(Lecture cancelled)
See Special Announcement*
Thurs., May 14th: Raja Yoga Study Circle
Sun., May 17th: Who Am I?
Pravrajika Brahmaprana
Thurs., May 21st: Raja Yoga Study Circle
Sun., May 24th: The Art of Happiness
Pravrajika Brahmaprana
Thurs., May 28th: Raja Yoga Study Circle
Sun. May 31st Non Dual Roots of Global Ecology
Mr. Michael Morrow
(Author of Non Dualism: A New Experiment in Living)

All are welcome
(In accordance with the City Code, please do not obstruct traffic. You may park in the driveway or directly in front of the Center. Otherwise, please park on a side road.)

NOTE: If you are interested in supervised children’s activities during the Sunday talk, please contact the Center in advance: 972-252-HOPE.

Recordings are available of the Sunday talks. Also copies of Raja Yoga, Swami Vivekananda’s commentary on the Yoga Sutras, are available at the Center.

*Mother’s Day Feeding of the Homeless, Sunday, May 10th, 9am-1pm

Members of the Ramakrishna Vedanta Society of North Texas will join the Lily Foundation in its biannual Feeding of the Homeless, at the Union Gospel Mission of Fort Worth, at 1331 E. Lancaster Ave., Fort Worth, TX 76102. Volunteers please call Kalyan Basu: 972-985-9979.


Quote of the day
My child, if you want peace of mind, do not find fault with others. Rather, see your own faults. Learn to make the whole world your own. No one is a stranger. The whole world is your own.
- Sarada Devi

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Pravrajika Brahmaprana, Resident Minister


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