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Ramakrishna Vedanta Society of North Texas
119-125 W. Scotland Drive, Irving, TX 75062 Phone: 972-252-4673 (HOPE)

Hatha Yoga Classes at the Vedanta Center

Conducted by Yoga Instructors at the Vedanta Center

Spring & Fall sessions: Check our website’s Special Events sidebar for upcoming classes.

YOGA means “union” and also “method of union.” Hatha Yoga is the science of bringing the body, mind, and spirit into balance. Raja Yoga (the "royal path" of meditation) uses this science in preparation for the practices of mindfulness and meditation. However, Hatha Yoga is useful to anyone who seeks health, harmony, and balance in life.


ABOUT THE YOGA INSTRUCTORS: Each instructor is a certified yoga instructor.

THE COURSES: The 6– or 8–week course invites beginners and advanced students alike.

CLASSES: are 1 hour 15 min. each and are generally offered during the spring and fall. Check the website’s Special Events section for the day and time of upcoming classes.

VENUE: Vedanta Center Complex: 125 W. Scotland Drive, Irving, TX 75062

DONATION FOR THE COURSE: $15 per class. Proceeds go to the Ramakrishna Vedanta Society of North Texas. Enrolled students will receive a release of liability form to sign & submit to the Vedanta Society upon entering the first day of class.

COURSEWARE & PREPARATION: Light, loose cotton clothes that are comfortable for yoga postures and movement (No shorts or halter tops). Students must bring a yoga mat and a light blanket. An empty stomach is recommended, however water, tea/coffee (one cup) may be taken at least 1 hour prior to class. Hot shower before the class is recommended to purify and ready body and mind for yoga.

Limited Space Available.
To register for upcoming dates of class sessions, check the Special Events sidebar.


Quote of the day
Devotion is really the mind hankering after that which we love and desire most. Whatever we thus desire with all our mind - name, fame, a friend, an animal- is really our god. The Gita says: 'In whatever form a person worships Me, in that form I reach him.' Say the Upanishads 'If one worships anything for the qualities of that thing, one's love is limited and so is the result of that love. But if one worships Me in all things, then one attains Me, the Unlimited. Therefore love the Atman alone, for then the object of your love will never change or perish
- Swami Atulananda

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Swami Ishtananda, Spiritual Advisor

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