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Calendar: March 2010

ARATI (EVENING VESPERS): Monday–Saturday from 6-7pm, followed by a reading from the Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna; Swami Vivekananda’s Inspired Talks, on Saturday; and the Raja Yoga Study Circle, on Thursday.

Saturday Visiting Hours: 4pm-8pm.

Sunday Visiting Hours: 10am-2pm
10:00-11:00am:Worship and Silent Meditation
11:00-12 Noon: Spiritual Topic
12 Noon-12:30pm: Arati and Flower Offering
12:30pm: Lunch

Date Spiritual Topic
Thurs., March 4th: Raja Yoga Study Circle
Sun., March 7th: Mystical World of Sound
11am Pravrajika Brahmaprana
Thurs., March 11th: Raja Yoga Study Circle
Sun., March 14th: Concentration and Meditation
11am Pravrajika Brahmaprana
       Revered Swami Swahananda’s Visit to Dallas
(Friday, March 19 - Thursday, March 25, 2010)
Sat., March 20th: Three-Year Anniversary Celebration (at Senter East Bldg., Irving)
11am “Towards a Meaningful Life”—Talk by Swami Swahananda
12.30pm: Celebration Luncheon
(REGISTRATION REQUIRED: contact dfwvedanta@gmail.com)
Sun., March 21st: Talk by Swami Swahananda (at the Vedanta Center)
11am What to Do with the Mind?
       Practical Vedanta Retreat
(by Swami Swahananda at the Vedanta Center)
Tues., March 23rd:
6-7pm: Arati
7-8pm Talk#1
8-9pm: Potluck
Wed., March 24th:
6-7pm: Arati
7-8pm Talk#2
8-9pm: Potluck
Thurs., March 25th:
6-7pm: Arati
7-8pm Talk#3
8-9pm: Potluck
Sun., March 28th: What Christians Have Learned from Interfaith Dialog
11pm: Dr. Robert Hunt
(Director of Global Theology, Perkins School of Theology, SMU)

All are welcome

NOTE: In accordance with the City Code, please do not obstruct traffic. Park only in the driveway or directly in front of the Center. Otherwise, please park on a side road.


Quote of the day
In order to overcome our desires and to renounce all those things, our love and inclination for which are wont so to inflame the will that it delights therein, we require a more ardent fire and a nobler love.
- Saint John of the Cross

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Swami Bhashyananda, former Guest Swami


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