Ramakrishna Vedanta Society of North Texas

Ramakrishna Sharanam 

December 1, 2009

Dear Friends and Devotees,
Please accept my heartfelt greetings to you all.

On October 31st, the Nichols Park Neighborhood Association invited the Vedanta Society to attend its Halloween Chili Cook-off in Nichols Park. This was an opportunity for us to meet new neighbors and to donate a surplus stock of retreat refreshments to the Irving Cares Food Pantry, which had a booth at the picnic.

Tuesday, November 3rd marked the last session of a four-part interfaith dialog series between five Vedanta devotees and five students of the Perkins School of Theology at SMU. All members of the dialog team expressed their appreciation for the way in which the dialog had deepened and enriched their understanding of both the Vedanta and Christian Methodist traditions. Dr. Robert Hunt invited the Vedanta Society to again participate with SMU in a forthcoming dialog next semester in 2010.

On Sunday, November 29th, Swami Medhasananda, Swami-in-charge of the Vedanta Society of Japan, visited the Ramakrishna Vedanta Society of North Texas during an informal trip to Dallas. Some of the Society’s trustees and advisors attended the tea with the swami, which included an evening arati and group singing led by the swami. Swami Medhasananda shared with the gathering of devotees how he had been inspired to join the Ramakrishna Order after reading the Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna. He also commented on some of the ways the Japan Vedanta Society is reaching out to newcomers and devotees alike. It now has 30 Japanese translations of major Ramakrishna Vedanta works and inspires friends and members by emailing daily texted scriptural quotes from the major religious traditions of the world. In this way, sincere seekers feel spiritually connected to the Japan Vedanta Center throughout their busy day away from the Center. As Swami Medhasananda departed, our trustees and advisors expressed their wishes that he will, in the future, return to our Center for a longer visit.
With prayerful regards to each and every one of you,
Pravrajika Brahmaprana
Resident Minister