Ramakrishna Vedanta Society of North Texas

Ramakrishna Sharanam 

February 1, 2010

Dear Friends and Devotees,

The Ramakrishna Vedanta Society of North Texas invited Swami Sarvadevananda from the Vedanta Society of Southern California to conduct a New Year’s Retreat. The swami helped to bring in the New Year for Dallas devotees with a silent New Year’s Eve meditation at the Vedanta Center. About a dozen devotees attended the meditation, which was followed by arati, Sri Chaitanya’s traditional Morning Prayer, which is chanted at Southern California Vedanta Centers, and hot cider.

On Friday, January 1st, the Vedanta Society celebrated its 3rd annual Kalpataru Day at the DFW Hindu Temple in Irving with a special worship and devotional singing, followed by a talk by Swami Sarvadevananda on “Spiritual Significance of Kalpataru Day.” Over a hundred devotees attended the celebration and were served Prasad in hand.

Saturday, January 2nd was a very full day for Swami Sarvadevananda. At 8:30 in the morning, the Salaam Namaste Radio Station interviewed Swami Sarvadevananda. The swami spoke on Sri Ramakrishna and his teachings as well as the significance of Kalpataru Day in the Ramakrishna-Vedanta Movement. The radio interview was then followed by an inspiring day retreat on the Kena Upanishad at the Vedanta Center. About 30 devotees attended the two morning sessions and the potluck lunch which followed. In the evening, Swami Sarvadevananda spoke at the Kerala Hindu Society. His topic was “Arise! Awake!” in honor of Swami Vivekananda’s Birthday on January 6th. Many young people attended and his talk was enjoyed by all.

On Sunday, January 4th about 40 devotees attended the Vivekananda Puja held at the Vedanta Center. Swami Sarvadevananda first conducted the worship and then delivered an hour-long talk on “Vivekananda’s Message of Strength.” A potluck lunch was served to all who attended.

In the evening, Swami Sarvadevananda then gave an informal talk at the Vivekananda Ashrama in Allen. The following night on Monday, January 4th, the swami gave his last informal talk at the Vedanta Center to about 25 devotees.

Throughout his visit, Swami Saravdevananda was invited to devotees’ homes. He gave private interviews to spiritual seekers and also launched the Ramakrishna Vedanta Societys annual Mother’s Day Food Drive for “Irving Cares.”

 The remaining Sunday presentations in January comprised the Vedanta Society’s special January “Holistic Spiritual Series.” On Sunday, January 10th, Nishi Bhatia gave an inspiring visual presentation of her pilgrimage to Mount Kailash, along with her anecdotal account of unexpected spiritual lessons learned from such a pilgrimage. On January 17th, Sherry Thompson, certified yoga instructor and therapist, gave a powerful talk on the Mind-Body Connection. Those who attended commented how her presentation was especially meaningful as she spoke from personal experience, which brought authenticity and expertise to her subject.

Dr. Christan Amundsen, psychology professor from North Lake College, delivered a talk on “Jung and Gnosis” at the Vedanta Center on Sunday, January 24th. One member of the congregation remarked: “In a word, the lecture was fantastic!  Professor Amundsen is a very engaging speaker and keeps the interest of the audience.  Besides terrific insights and information, he added just the right touch of humor at the appropriate places.  He had the audience hanging on his every word.”  We hope that Dr. Amundsen will again return to our center to speak on another topic in his field.



With prayerful regards,
Pravrajika Brahmaprana
Resident Minister