Ramakrishna Vedanta Society of North Texas

March 1, 2011

Dear Friends,

The Ramakrishna Vedanta Society of North Texas was delighted to host for the month of February, special guest Pravrajika Shuddhatmaprana, a sannyasini of the Vedanta Society of Southern California, currently residing at the Vivekananda Retreat in Ridgely, New York. She graciously accepted the invitation to conduct Sunday lectures and weekly classes in Pravrajika Brahmaprana’s absence.

Shuddhatmaprana left the cold and snow of the East Coast and arrived in Dallas to record cold temperatures with ice on the road and many flights cancelled. She spent the next few days in solitude in the monastery due to the icy conditions.  Dallas also had a record snowfall, but she felt right at home shoveling the snow from the Center driveway and path to the shrine.  The only difference between Ridgely and Dallas is that the Dallas Center does not own snow shovels, so a rake had to be used.

All the four Sunday spiritual talks on “Indian Saints and Mystics” and the “Bhakti Movement in India” were well attended. On Shuddhatmaprana’s last Sunday lecture in February, the attendance was at capacity. She conducted Gita classes on Thursday evenings and added a discussion group on the biography, Sri Ramakrishna, The Great Master on Saturday evenings, and performed the daily worship. The Dallas devotees were delighted to meet her and were very appreciative of her service to the Center. She was invited to devotees’ homes and spoke on the teachings of Sri Ramakrishna.

On a humanitarian note, the Vedanta Center continued their participation in the Bone Marrow Drives. Pravrajika Shuddhatmaprana and Ranjana Chopra conducted a drive at the local Mosque, which is the Islamic Training Center in Irving.

We await our Resident Minister Pravrajika Brahmapranaji’s return on March 1st and look forward to great spiritual teachings in the year ahead. 







With all best wishes,
Ranjana Chopra, President
On behalf of Pravrajika Brahmaprana
(Currently on pilgrimage in India)